Simone Fraser

I have always seen my forms as metaphors or symbols.


The idea

The vessel form for me has carried within it this wonderful idea of antiquity - the footprints of our civilization, the time capsule of mankind.

On to this timeless canvas I add a contemporary story, layering colour with dry glazes and texturing to conjure images and impressions of landscape; to evoke a sense of shifting seasons and capture the changing light.

The beautiful object creates in the mind of those who attend to it the spiritual home that reality does not provide

Quote: John Armstrong (Philosopher), The Secret Power of Beauty (2004)


The work

The work is wheel thrown and then manipulated by hand, creating rhythmic disordered patterned surfaces.

These surfaces suggest the softness and malleability of the clay, the process of the imprint of the finger.The pierced forms create lightness, and in some way deconstruct the "container"a little further.

Tradition is an evident foundation for texture and beauty to unfold its own narrative.

Whether we see beauty objectively or subjectively, I want the viewer to have a sensual and cerebral experience of my work. I want the viewer to be transported, even just for a short space in time.


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